About Us

About Us


UNSW Science Society presents to you our executive board members. These executive members are the leaders of the Science Society and is responsible for overlooking the society’s day to day function and management.

Ian Castellino

Co-President/Vice President of Externals

Kimberley Almeida

Co-President/Vice President of Internals

Wilson Gu


Angelica Tran


Kevin Chen

Vice President of IT

Carmen Ng

Vice President of Marketing

Akshanth Suresh

Vice President of Productions

Peggy Qiu

Vice President of Publications


The Socials portfolio aims to plan, develop and run SCISOC events within a team atmosphere by taking initiative to research, plan and book suitable venues, ensuring availability of required equipment and personnel. These events include but are not limited to: camp, cruise, ball and pub crawl.

Aritra Kundu

Socials Director

David Li

Socials Director

Linh Huynh

Socials Director

Human Resources

​​The Human Resources portfolio is in charge of organising internal bonding events and workshops. This portfolio assists all members with development and well-being to promote good team culture, so as to ensure a healthy and functional committee.

Yoona Lee

Human Resources Director

Jolo Dobles

Human Resources Director

Andy Vo

Human Resources Director


Sponsorships focus on nurturing SCISOC's relationships with external partners and sponsors. This portfolio is crucial for funding our varied projects and events throughout the year. Additionally, this role involves seeking partners for career-focused events and sourcing free products or services for our activies as requested by other portfolios. This effort helps us connect students with STEM industry opportunities, as well as allowing students to engage in social event throughout the year.

Hamza Jamil

Sponsorships Director

Eric Su

Sponsorships Director


Philanthropy endeavours to give back to the community by liaising with external charities and non-profit organisations in order to connect UNSW students to philanthropic opportunities, championing its core values of compassion and generosity.

Joseph Lee

Philanthropy Director

Grace Liu

Philanthropy Director


Education aims to help foster professional growth amongst STEM students by delivering career-focused opportunities through a range of accessible workshops and networking events. Specifically, these events aim to guide students through the endless possibilities of career pathways by providing tools and knowledge of their industry for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Iris Chen

Education Director

Ken You

Education Director


The Marketing portfolio designs material and graphs to promote all society events. These materials include but are not limited to event graphics, event trailers, merchandise, event pages, cover photos, videos and marketing captions for verbal and virtual communications to promote and capture student's attention.

Hanelle Lee

Marketing Director

Alex Xue

Marketing Director

Juny Park

Marketing Director


The Productions portfolio is responsible for managing all the digital content for SCISOC, including photography and videography. This portfolio coordinates event photography, photo and video editing for promotional material and produces drafts, shorts and other visual mediums.

Diva Gusti

Productions Director

Yuki Vuong

Productions Director

Kham Phongchaleun

Productions Director


The Publications portfolio creates fortnightly newsletters to send updates, upcoming events and more to all members of SCISOC. This portfolio team organises the mailing list to facilitate newsletters and emails. Additionally, they produce careers-related and student-catered publications for a wide range of Science students.

Megan Li

Publications Director

Joseph Natalegawa

Publications Director


The IT portfolio manages and designs the websites, as well as finding innovative ways to engage and inform the student body through technology.

Roy Xie

IT Director

Joanna Zhong

IT Director