The Next Step

As we progress after high school and start the next step in our lives, University, it can be hard to adjust to the challenges that comes with it. Which is why we have made this publication with the hope that all students can gain advice and tips on how to traverse the highs and lows of uni. Have a read of the experiences and advice a few UNSW students offer us and also check out some study and relaxation tips for your wellbeing!

SCISOC Uncharted

SCISOC is excited to welcome you all to our latest Publication: SCISOC Uncharted!! Come join us as we explore the far reaches of Human Invention and Exploration. From Deep Space to the Wonders of the Underground to the Abyssal Depths of The Ocean, there is something for everyone. So, prepare yourself and accompany us as we delve into the mysteries and hidden worlds of our planet to Chart the Uncharted.

FYG 2023

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the First Year Guide, your ultimate companion to UNSW. From uncovering hidden gems for delectable treats to unleashing the full potential of your university adventure, this dynamic resource is your ticket to an extraordinary first year.

Around the World

Travel around the world with SCISOC and explore what it has to offer! In this publication, we look into different countries, their scientific accomplishments alongside one another and even their unique cuisines. We even looked back in time to find out how our methods of communication have evolved over time, eventually becoming the social media prevalent in everyone’s everyday lives. Click the image above to read!

Meet Your Majors

A compilation of info-graphics describing each science major so you can find out whether or not a major is for you! It outlines the skills required, internships opportunities and career paths as well as fun facts for each major! We encourage you to read this alongside this Careers Guide! Click the cover to read more!

Careers Guide 2022

Low and behold: SCISOC's first Careers Guide! This guide has all you need to propel yourself into your preferred industry, or even to help you choose what industry you would like to be in! From interview tips to information on science majors, our guide has got it all! Click above to be redirected to a new page!

FYG 2022

Calling all first years! Our 2022 First Year Guide contains all you need to know about starting uni, from timetabling to food and drink recommendations! Find out how you can maximise your experience at uni and even potentially... how to join SCISOC!

FYG 2019

Our First Year Guide contains vital information any first year needs upon their entry into UNSW. Whether you've just finished the HSC or have transferred from another university, this is the guide for you! Click the above below to check out the 2019 edition!

FYG 2020

The UNSW SCISOC First Year Guide contains everything you need to know as a new first year at UNSW! ​Click the image above to check out our 2020 edition!

Find Your Future

​A compilation of interviews of penultimate students, graduates and alumni of degrees and majors within the Science faculty. To gain insight into how your major can shape, influence and kickstart your professional career, click the image above!

The View

A publication composed of reviews of various topics, ranging from TV shows, to foods, to podcasts, and much more! To view this publication, click the image above!


The SCISOC CORE is a magazine that has everything you'd want to read about, from interview tips to volunteering opportunities, as well as how to get more involved with our society! Click the image above to view this publication.

FYG 2021

UNSW SCISOC is back again with our new 2021 edition of the First Year Guide! This guide contains all the vital information and need-to-knows about uni life on the UNSW campus as a first year student. Click on the image below to check out our 2021 First Year Guide!


Welcome to the Grand Opening of the SCISOC Museum! Today, we have six brand new exciting exhibits waiting for you, each exploring a different facet of science in its own unique way. Click on the image above to enter the SCISOC Museum, and be welcomed to a new perspective on science!