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🧌🔥 THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN🔥🧌 AND WE WANT YOU THERE AT 🧿💙 SCISOC ORIENTATION CAMP 2023 🤘🤩WITH 1️⃣ OPPORTUNITY 💰, 1️⃣ CHAMPION 👑, ALL ON 1️⃣ ISLAND 🏝️ – DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE THIS SUMMER⁉️⛱️Take a look at our trailer to see who YOU 🫵😤 will be up against on this unforgettable adventure 🎢🏃♂️💨 Make friends you won’t forget 😗Have nights that you won’t remember 😴And fight to become the ultimate Survivor 😮💨

❗️ATTENTION❗️Class is in session 👩🏫⏰Get ready to meet the drippiest 💦, sexiest 🥵 and most fun-loving 🤩 crew at UNSW 🤘🤪Take a trip down memory lane 🛣️🚏 as we take you through 💙 SCISOC High School 💙 2023 cohort 🎓🖌️From the chemistry neeks 👩🔬🧪 to the unforgettable it boys and girls🕴️🥶, they're the 💤dream team💤 you'll want to partner up with this year❗️ So grab your backpacks 🫳🎒 and come along for the ride 🏃♂️💨See what 🤓clique😎 you might want to spend the school year 🚍 with and keep an eye 😜 out for ⚠️ subcommittee applications releasing 🔜 ⚠️

Learn how to found your own start-up from Bilal Arshad, the founder of Wize Dynamics. Wize Dynamics uses Artificial Intelligence for wildlife monitoring to collect, analyse, and share information to aid wildlife conversation.

Join us as Rylan Kolb, Co-Founder of V-DAQ, shares valuable advice about maintaining a mindset of learning, doing what you are passionate about, and being determined to make the most out of unexpected opportunities.

Join us as we talk to Helen Souris, the Chief Executive Officer of Cardihab™, a digital health platform which provides patients with the flexibility to complete supervised cardiac rehabilitation conveniently via a smartphone app.

We thought you might wonder who the superstars that keeps UNSW SCISOC running are, and who’s bringing you student-led events throughout the year. Introducing all the amazing people in the 2021 SCISOC committee!

Get a glimpse into Advanced Science/Fine Arts with Aileen. Aileen’s a fourth-year passionate about plant ecology and environmental science, getting her hands dirty in the Advanced Field Biology course.

Unsure about where to take your science degree? If you're interested in studying for your honours but you don't know what it takes, then learn from Gigi Chiu, a 4th-year student studying Medicinal Chemistry.

Still unsure about where you want to take your science degree? If you're interested in studying for your honours but don’t know what it takes, then hear from the experiences of Anton Maraldo.

Follow Jennifer Doeur through a typical day as a second-year Vision Science student. Join Jennifer through online and on-campus learning, and gain insight into the life of a UNSW Science Faculty student.